How To Choose Your Pet Tags

Overnight Pet Tags

Getting ready to choose a Pet ID Tag for your pet? 

It can be difficult not knowing what to pick or what to put on your pet’s tag,  especially if its your first.  Pet tags are important, there is no arguing that.  They help your furry family members find their way home in the event they are lost.  With all the options we offer we want to take the time and help you understand what makes the best pet tag.

Keep it simple

When choosing a pet tag there’s one key thing to remember, keep it simple.  there are all kinds of shapes and colors to choose for your pet.  Remember when choosing, that bright colors catch the eye much better than dull colors that blend with a pets fur or their collar.

What to Engrave

It is also best to remember that although you’d like all your information on a pet tag, the less info usually means the bigger the print.  The bigger the print the easier it’ll be to read and the quicker your pet can be safely returned.  The average person will only call the contact number on a pet tag, most will not physically return a pet to your door.  In most cases your Pets Name, your Name, and your phone number is all that is needed on a pet tag.   If you are worried about your pet straying too far, town and state are enough if you would like to include some indication of where the pet is from.  Again remember the less amount of information on a pet tag means the larger the text will be on the tag.