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Overnight Pet Tags was founded in August of 2006 by Marco Barberini and Heather Metiva after they adopted a new puppy named Monster.  Monster was a mutt born to a loving family with a lab mix mother and a husky father.  Monster was an active puppy that loved exploring and finding new things and places to go.  After only a few days it became apparent that there was going to be a need for some way of protecting him if he wondered too far.


The couple began searching for an affordable means of identification for their new puppy and quickly became frustrated with the high prices and few options offered in the big box pet stores and started searching online.  Their search became even more frustrating after they scoured the web for a quality pet tag that wouldn’t “break the bank”.  They settled on a pet tag from one of their now competitors and waited…and waited… and waited.  The pet tag finally arrived a few weeks later and the couple was shocked by the tags low quality.


Marco’s family history in business and Heather’s passion for protecting the pets they loved intrigued them into researching the manufacturing, development, and history of the pet identification industry.  They quickly learned that industry was in effect “gouging” vulnerable pet owners on a product that they felt should be offered as cheaply as possible with the highest quality engraving and delivered in a timely manner.


After an extensive research and development process Barberini was able to secure a means to manufacture and provide the pet industry with a revolutionary pricing structure and an incredible offer of free shipping.  At the time the industry lacked an affordable pet tag yet Barberini was able to offer a product that was just half the price of his competitors at only $4.95.  The price also included free shipping on all pet tags(an industry first) while maintaining and exceeding the quality standards offered by the overpriced competitors.


Barberini began designing and structuring his website with the Citymax.com website builder and went “live” on October 13th 2006.  It was apparent from the start that they were onto something.  Sales started coming in slowly and steadily grew over the next few years to an astonishing level.  As of the end of their third year of business the company saw sales increase over 100% from year to year.


In 2009 Barberini and Metiva were married near their home in Traverse City, MI.  Their family has grown to include two calico cats named Baby Girl and Mudd, and a pomeranian named Niko.


The Barberini’s passion for their business and dedication to the welfare of pets worldwide earned them the recognition as 2009 Citymax.com “Homepreneur of the Year.”   The couple traveled to Vancouver, BC to accept their award and worked with their friends at Citymax.com on improving and updating their website.  The site has since undergone a complete revamp and many new features were added including an updated online ordering interface for bulk orders and improved content.  The Barberini’s have devoted countless hours to ensuring the safety of pets worldwide and continue to offer their products at the same unbelievably low prices they started with in 2006.  Fighting the rising cost of inflation and the economic downturn the couple maintained their commitment to offering their products at a low price.  Even the cost of postage has raised an astounding 13% yet the company has maintained their free shipping commitment and continues to offer their pet tags with no charge for shipping.


On October 19, 2011 OvernightPetTags.com sold its 100,000th pet tag.  OvernightPetTags.com continues to offer the finest quality pet id tags, excellent customer service, and free shipping!  This achievement was only briefly celebrated as OvernightPetTags.com sold its 200,000 pet id tag on November 15th, 2013.