Can I indicate how I would like my text on the tag?

We will format your tag by the amount of lines and amount of text on each line that you have. Our expert engravers will try and maximize the size of the text on each tag (so the less text the bigger the text).

If you do have specific request, you can email us at to see if we can accomodate, or you can leave a specific not in the “Customer Notes” section during checkout. We can normally accommodate reasonable request.

How big will the font on my tag be?

The more text you add to your tag (lines, and characters) the smaller the text will be. We will automatically adjust the size of the font when there is less text.If there is not a sample in the photographs in the specific product gallery (on the product page). Feel free to email us at, and we’d be happy email you a photo sample back! Please specify what tag, and how many lines that you are curious about. 

Can you add more text to the tag than you state on the product page?

You can add more text, by request, but we suggest that you do not. After years of engraving tags, we have found what we think to be the optimal amount of lines, and total amount of text. If you need more text feel free to email us at, and we can discuss what my work best for you.

Does each tag come with a fastener?

Each tag comes with FREE fastener. All tags come with O-Ring fasteners or an S-Hook for free. Look on your product page to determine which fastener(s) come with your tag(s).

Will there be commas after every line on the pet tag?

The short answer is no.  When you receive your conformation email you will see that every line on your pet tag is separated by a comma.  This is just to illustrate where the line breaks will be.The commas that show on your email invoice will be removed by your engraver and will not be on your pet tag. 

Will your slide on tags fit my dogs collar?

The slide-on pet tag is designed for collars that use a belt buckle style clasp. They will not work with adjustable collars that clip together with plastic clasp. So if you have a belt buckle strap collar it will work fine.

How do I indicate where the line breaks are on the back of the pet tag?

All of our tags are individually engraved.  An experienced engraver will take the time to separate each line to make your pet tags look as good as possible.  If you have certain lines that you want separated in certain spots you can use commas, or page breaks to mark the end of each line and we will take the commas out when we engrave your tag!