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Cat Face Pet ID Tag

Purple Cat Face Pet TagA cat face ID tag is the smallest tag. With a cute kitty face on one side it is small enough to fit a feline of any size. It measures ¾” by ¾” so please remember to put just enough info to get your pet home safely. This way you can still read the information easily. The bigger we can engrave your information, the longer your tag can resist wearing down and becoming unreadable. Most cats do not venture too far from home, so the best information is kitty’s name, your phone number, and your street address.


City and state are really not necessary.  Although we will always engrave whatever information you request, the more information you ask for, the smaller the text will end up being. You can order the cat face pet id tag in 3 different metals, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. Stainless steel is silver, brass is gold (or brass colored). Our aluminum comes in 8 different colors! You can choose from red, blue, purple, green, silver, pink, gold, or black! Keep your kitty safe with style! We always offer free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.A. Order your cat face pet tag anytime day or night at:

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