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Controlling Cats and Clawing

Cat with claws out

One of the hardest things to do is train your cat. However, most of the time, it can be done. Here are a couple tips I have learned to help control and “train” your cat. As much as they allow you to train them. The great thing about cats is they defiantly have personality, although part of that personality can often be stubbornness. If you are taking on this project I wish you luck and hope these tips work for you as they have for me.

One thing you can do when a cat is doing something you don’t want them to, is make a hissing sound and sort of run at them. This is startle them. Another thing you can do is buy a spray bottle and spray them while making a hissing sound when they are doing something you don’t want to do. Of course this only works if your cat is typical and does not like water. If you already noticed the pattern it is the hissing sound. I’ve learned by combining these 3 in random patterns I can get my cats to stop doing pretty much anything at this point by simply making the hissing sound, the rest is no longer required.

Although the above tricks are things that work for me and should work for you, sometimes you just cannot help having to do slightly meaner things to get them to cooperate. They do make a pad that will send an uncomfortable but not hurtful shock through kitty if they climb on something you don’t want them on or in. Something else that is now made, is a low voltage shock collar that has a button you can push to again stop them from doing whatever they were not supposed to be doing.

Hopefully you will try the less harsh treatments first before submitting your animal to anything unpleasant. Whatever you do, best of luck and I hope you found some working ideas from my efforts. It is also very important for your cats to be wearing pet tags in case the are lost.

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