Declawing and Debarking

This is one of those subjects that get a lot of back and forth. Although, if done correctly, neither of these will hurt your animal, deciding on these two procedures can be difficult. If you are thinking of doing either one I would suggest researching before deciding. Also you may want to ensure you have a good vet so you can know your animal will not suffer.

Debarking your dog. Although it may seem like the only way to get your dog to be quiet, there are lots of other ways. Keep in mind that you this is how your dog communicates, so please think of how you would feel if someone took out your vocal cords. Instead of debarking, perhaps you can get a shock collar (on a low setting) that will teach our dog they that something unpleasant happens when they bark. If you are willing to pay to have them debarked, you can also look into training courses which may help and may also cost less than the surgery. Please remember that no matter what you choose, be sure it is the best for the animal and not just the easiest choice for you. Dogs can be trained and if you do not have the time or energy to train them, you really shouldn’t have one.

Declawing your cat. Although this is an extremely painful surgery, it can be doable as long as you choose your vet with care. Declawing your cat should only be done after other options have been tried and you should never declaw a cat that goes outdoors as this is their only means of protection. Some other options you can try would be to clip your cats nails (if they let you) and making sure they have plenty of things to file their nails on. Examples would be clawing posts, towers ect. You can also try training you cat not to scratch furniture and such by spraying them with a water bottle when they do so. This will teach them that scratching means they get wet which most cats hate. Also remember that if you are declawing your cat it is best to do it around 6 months of age to avoid traumatizing the animal. Please make sure whatever route you choose it’s the best one for your animal.
I hope this helps you with your decision. Again I ask that no matter what you choose please be sure it is best for the animal. It is also best to do research and check with different local vets to choose the best option when you do opt for surgery. The cheapest vet will not always be the best one for your animal. Please ask them how they do the procedures to make sure your animal will be comfortable through the surgery and during the healing process.

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