Eat your own food

Dog and Cat Sharing Bowl

Dog and Cat Sharing Bowl


If you have a household with multiple pets, I am sure you have faced the problem of your animals stealing food from one another. Most common is dogs eating all the cat food. This may not bother you at all, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you are like our household, the cat food is a bit more expensive than the dog food. By now you’ve realized that scolding the dogs, while it does help somewhat, will most likely lead to the dogs eating the cat food while you are away, sleeping, or busy elsewhere. Here are a couple things you can do to help. If you don’t mind the cats on the counters, putting the food dishes up there would be the simplest solution.

I am one that does not care to share my counter space with my cats. Another option is to put the cat food in a closet, or space the dogs cannot get to, and install a cat door. This is obviously a more costly option, though cat doors are not usually too outrages if you shop around for it. Something else you can do is feed the cats less.


Only give them food while you are present 2 or 3 times a day, and return any leftover food to the food bag or container. This will teach the cats to eat all at once and will give the dogs less food to steal. I hope these tips and tricks have been helpful. We wishe you best of luck on your food, and money, saving mission.

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