Invisible Fences

While this may be a great option for some pets, keeps them in your yard with no big expense of a fence, it can be tricky with some pets. Invisible fences can be a great way to keep your pet out of the road when you don’t want, or are not allowed, a normal fence. However some dogs can get “barrier frustration”.

Some signs are your pet becoming less social, or showing more aggressive behavior in your yard. This is because your pet has learned that while other dogs can come into the yard, he cannot go out. Which forces him to be submissive during play, when he would rather not be. He may bark and become very protective of your yard from both other pets and people.

This is what is called “learned aggression”. You can help your pet by doggy parenting. If your dog is showing aggression to other dogs in his yard, shoo those other dogs away for him. If he seems happy and wanting to play, encourage this. Try to keep the other dog from running out of your pet’s boundary. But make sure he is not being worn down too much or forced to be too submissive. You’re looking for happy play, where the dogs take turns jumping on and chasing one another. You don’t want one dog running the other one down. If you are still seeing problems, it is always good to talk to your vet or trainer. They will have good suggestions for you.


Hope you have a tail wagging kind of day!

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