Natural Options for Fleas

itching dog

itching dogIf you have a problem with fleas making a meal of your canine friend, but are looking for an option that doesn’t consist of putting harsh chemicals on your pet, here are some tips for you!

Instead of over the counter chemicals and drops, try essential oils! You can use red thyme, cedar wood, citronella, or (my favorite) peppermint oil! Just remember that essential oils are concentrated so try to keep contact with your pet’s skin to a minimal as it may cause a reaction.

One thing you can do is put the oil on a bandana or cloth around the animal’s neck (loose of course as to not chock them!). This will work similar to a flea collar. Of course just like a flea collar there is an entire rest of your pet those pesky fleas may still find appealing. If this is the case with your pet, here is a recipe for a natural pest repellant. (This recipe is for a large dog)

Two or three drops of essential oil (any of the above listed)

One cup of distilled water. Spring water may be used as well.

Put into a spray bottle, shake well, and apply to your pets coat before walks or prolonged periods of being outside.

You may need to try each above listed oil before you find one that works best for you.

Here are a few precautions to remember:

Essential oils are TOXIC TO CATS. Use on canines only.

Watch for signs your dog isn’t feeling well after application, this could mean he is having a reaction. Chemically sensitive dogs may get nausea or headaches.

Do not let your pet, or children, chew on the cloth or bandana! Essential oils may cause diarrhea or vomiting if ingested. This is more likely in pets with sensitive tummies.

Enjoy your pest free pet!

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