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Christmas and your pets

christmas dog

To start, are poinsettias poisonous to cats? During the holiday season many pet owners like to decorate their houses with the beautiful red flowering Christmas plant… the poinsettia. However, according to poison control centers the poinsettia IS mildly poisonous to cats AND DOGS! The milky white sap from the plants contains chemicals that can cause […]

Dog ear Infections

Every dog has some bacteria and yeast in their ears. Sometimes this balance can be thrown off, which can lead to an ear infection. This over growth can be very uncomfortable and even painful for your dog. It can even lead to hearing loss if left untreated for too long. Your dogs ear infection can […]

Dogs and Sunburn

dog at beach

Like us, dogs can suffer from sunburn. Long term exposure can result in skin damage and skin cancers just like in people. Dogs that are susceptible to sunburn • Any dog that spends lots of time in the sun during the hottest parts of the day; • Dogs that have white or light colored hair; […]

Pregnancy and Toxoplasmosis

preggers and cat

A lot of cat owners hear about this, your doctor told you about it, or a close friend, but sometimes you are not given all of the information. The sad fact is, some cat owners will even take their beloved pet to a shelter thinking they have no choice. I will do my best to […]