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Trick or Treat Smell my Feet

Stack that candy ya’ll…… It’s that time of year again! During this festive time of year it’s easy to forget pet safety. Here are some things to think about, whether you are taking your pet trick or treating, or just handing out candy to your neighborhood “ghouls and goblins”. Are you planning on dressing your […]

Invisible Fences

While this may be a great option for some pets, keeps them in your yard with no big expense of a fence, it can be tricky with some pets. Invisible fences can be a great way to keep your pet out of the road when you don’t want, or are not allowed, a normal fence. […]

Dog and Cat Sharing Bowl

Eat your own food

  If you have a household with multiple pets, I am sure you have faced the problem of your animals stealing food from one another. Most common is dogs eating all the cat food. This may not bother you at all, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you are like our household, […]

christmas dog

Christmas and your pets

To start, are poinsettias poisonous to cats? During the holiday season many pet owners like to decorate their houses with the beautiful red flowering Christmas plant… the poinsettia. However, according to poison control centers the poinsettia IS mildly poisonous to cats AND DOGS! The milky white sap from the plants contains chemicals that can cause […]

pet names training

Teaching your dog their name

Once you have picked a name for your puppy and ordered your pet tags, you need to teach him or her what it is. Your objective is to teach your dog that when his name is called your pet must immediately give you his full attention, that is, stop what they are doing, turn their […]

Dog in Tux

Pets in clothes…cute or not?

Some people are often looked at as; let’s face it, a nit crazy for dressing up their pets. To some people it’s hard to understand. The thing is, it all depends on the type of person you are and “what” you dress your dog in. First off I do not care who you are, any […]

Doggy with cash in mouth

The expense of having pets

One of the hardest things about having a pet is the expense. Going to the vet can use up a huge chunk of your bank account. Taking your pet to the vet and keeping them well is a necessity. Having two animals myself that require extra care I can give you a couple tips on […]