Pets in clothes…cute or not?

Dog in Tux

Dog in suit

Some people are often looked at as; let’s face it, a nit crazy for dressing up their pets. To some people it’s hard to understand. The thing is, it all depends on the type of person you are and “what” you dress your dog in. First off I do not care who you are, any small dog in cloths is usually cute. Even if the clothing is on the silly side, still cute…usually. For bigger dogs it’s a bit harder to stay on that fine line of cute and quirky to just plain weird.


The key to any size animal is minimal. It’s fine to put on a hat and a sweater but when you have an animal in pants, a shirt, a hat, and little boots….well honestly you’ve gone into a bit crazy territory. If you are doing it for say weather, it’s understandable; otherwise you just look desperate for a child. I understand our pets are our kids and we love them, but just like your kid you do not want people thinking that kid is not safe with you. In conclusion have fun with your pets, love them, and ignore the crazy people stares. Again, the most important piece of “clothing” your pet will ever wear is his or her pet id tags. Pet tags are the most important item to purchase for your pets. They insure that your pets will safely make it home if they ever wonder too far.

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