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kong toy chew

kong toy chewIf your dog is the type that likes to chew (most dogs do) you might be wondering what chew toys, rawhides, ect, would be a safe option for your pet. After talking to a vet and doing a little research on the subject, here is what I have found.

Most vets recommend that you stay away from rawhides, pig ears, pig hooves, deer antlers, sterilized marrow bones, and bully sticks. These can lead to an intestinal blockage in some (some, not all) dogs.

When deciding what type of chew toy you need to know if your dog gulps things down, this means, even if the chew toy is strong, your pet could potentially swallow pieces too large to pass through his system. Dog stomach acid is much stronger than ours and can digest a lot, but not everything.

If you choose to go with a rawhide, the most recommended type is C.E.T. Hextra Dog Chews. They contain chlorhexidine, which is an oral antiseptic and can help control dental disease. They are also must less likely to cause intestinal issues.

Kong Toys seem to be the most recommended chew toy. It comes in many different colors, sizes, shapes, and strength. You can get ones the hold treats, food, or even ones that you fill with water and freeze. These will keep your dog happy for hours. Just be sure you get a strength that is not too hard or soft for your pet.

There are other brands that may not satisfy the need to chew but are great for cleaning his teeth. If your pet doesn’t really chew but likes to play, that might be a better option as Kongs can get expensive.

Another option is C.E.T. VeggieDent chew treats. They are like a cross between Greenies and Listerine. They are usually consumed quickly so you are not something you want to give your pet often. They are great to freshen breath and clean your pet’s teeth.

There was a lot of warning for sterilized marrow bones. They are the most common cause of slab fractures in your dog’s teeth.

The best thing you can do is know your pet, ask your vet for ideas, and watch them to make sure you made the right choice for them. Happy chewing!

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