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Pet Tags: for our beloved Animals

Overnight Pet Tags

As Americans, it is in our blood to love our pets. They have always been there for us in our most desperate times. They have always been our most faithful companions and our most trusted friend. In short, our pets are nothing less then family to us. Being their guardians, it is our responsibility to […]

Pet Tags: Differentiating Pets From Strays

pet tags

Pet tags are probably the only thing that differentiates your dog from a stray one. These tags contain the pet’s name, your address and phone number. If you lose your pet, this information plays the pivotal role in finding your dog. This makes these tags the most important accessory that your dog can have. When […]

Pet Tags: Your pet’s Identity

Pet ID Tags

If your pet is lost, a pet tag is the only thing that your animal has which can bring him safely back to his/her home. 90% of lost pets make it home because of this god sent product. It would not be wrong to say that pet tags are your animal’s identity. Making these tags […]