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Pet Insurance

Veterinarian Petting Dog

I have noticed that owning pets can become costly. If you are a pet owner this is something you have no doubt noticed as well. Especially if your pet has some sort of medical problem. What a lot of pet owners do not have, is pet insurance. While I am sure you have heard about it, most people have never looked into the cost and benefits of having it. I have done some research and this is what I have discovered. Now obviously, if you only need to take your pet in once a year and occasionally for a small problem here or there, there is no need for this added expense.


However, if your pet needs costly medication, yearly blood work, and x-rays on top of that yearly appointment, pet insurance is defiantly something you should look into. I have found you can usually find a basic plan for one animal at around $25-$30 per month. So all together we are talking around $300-360 a year. Most of the plans you can find will cover basic exams, 2 per year blood work, and most vaccines as well as heartworm tests ect. Some have a deductible and some do not. If you do the research you can find a company with a plan that is suitable for you. To some people spending $360 a year may sound like way too much money for an animal. On the other hand once you have added up the cost of office visits, blood tests, medication and all the other expenses $360 may not sound so bad.


Really in the end it’s up to you to make the best decision for you and your pet.  And as always,  make sure your pets are wearing Pet ID Tags.