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Declawing and Debarking

This is one of those subjects that get a lot of back and forth. Although, if done correctly, neither of these will hurt your animal, deciding on these two procedures can be difficult. If you are thinking of doing either one I would suggest researching before deciding. Also you may want to ensure you have […]

Dealing with separation anxiety

It is not terribly common, but it is heartbreaking to have a pet that does not cope well with being left alone. In most cases it is triggered by the departure of a specific individual. Some of the ways dogs react to this anxiety are: scratching point of exit, chewing, barking, whimpering, pacing, panting and […]

Pet Tags: Your pet’s Identity

Pet ID Tags

If your pet is lost, a pet tag is the only thing that your animal has which can bring him safely back to his/her home. 90% of lost pets make it home because of this god sent product. It would not be wrong to say that pet tags are your animal’s identity. Making these tags […]