Teaching your dog their name

pet names training

Once you have picked a name for your puppy and ordered your pet tags, you need to teach him or her what it is. Your objective is to teach your dog that when his name is called your pet must immediately give you his full attention, that is, stop what they are doing, turn their head and look directly at you.

As you go on to teach your pet other commands, such as come, sit and stay, you’ll do this successfully if your puppy is focused on you while you are teaching them these commands – this is why it’s so important to make sure your pet knows it’s name and responds to it.

Your puppy will start to learn that the sound of their name will be followed by a command, so for them, their name means ‘I must look at my owner because they want me to do something’.

When you use your puppy’s new name it must always be associated with good things. Don’t call his name and then proceed to yell at him because he’s chewed something he wasn’t supposed to. If you do that too often puppy will start to associate his name with being in trouble and won’t respond when you call his name. This is easier said than done, believe me, particularly when your puppy has just chewed through your carpet or favorite blanket, but it’s worth the effort in the end!

How To Do It

Arm yourself with a few treats and put your pet on a leash, that way you have full control if puppy gets distracted by something.

Call the name in a happy voice – puppy’s love to hear the sound of your voice and as long as your tone is friendly they will naturally look towards you when they hear you speak. What you do is reward that behavior by giving him a treat and praise when puppy looks at you or comes to you when you call his name.

Use words like “Good boy” or “good job”. After a couple days of this repetition you will notice puppy is responding. If he doesn’t look at you the first time, gently pull his leash or pat him to get his attention until he looks at you.

Next, call puppy and hold the treat near to your face so they have to look at you, reward him with the treat and praise once eye contact is made. Once your puppy does this consistently, switch the treat for a toy. Then puppy’s reward for looking at you will be to play with you for a couple of minutes.

The next step is to introduce some distractions, so try it with other people around or in the room, someplace new, or when there is a noise that will catch puppy’s attention. Don’t rush this step and always make it easy for your new pet to succeed, he really just wants to please you, so make it easy for him to do just that!

You need to teach your new puppy that wherever you happen to be, whatever the distraction, if puppy hears his name, he needs to look at you and wait for the next command.

Tips to Remember:
• Keep all training sessions short;
• Maintain a friendly demeanor
• Give lots of love and praise when your puppy does what you want them to do;
• Try to train before meal times so puppy isn’t tired and is interested in the treats;

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